Rider Respect Policy

It’s a fact that cycling is traditionally a male-dominated pastime. On the Tenax Ride, we’ve been lucky enough to have a majority of female riders. Not to downplay the role our blokes have played but having so many female riders makes me feel like we’re doing something right and we are proud to have you along.

However, some riders may feel threatened or challenged when a girl rider is faster or more capable. A similar feeling can occur when a person of a cheaper or different style bike is faster or more capable. Sometimes a person that feels challenged in this way will make inappropriate and unwelcome comments.

If you feel that way, change your perspective. When we are on the Tenax Ride, we are all riders first and foremost. I suggest that you respectfully appreciate each others’ strengths without being condescending. Make other riders feel welcomed, totally regardless of gender, style of bike or any other factor.

If you can’t do that, find another ride because you’re not welcome on ours. If you have a problem with that, come chat with me (Alexander Hender, progenitor of Tenax Ride), I’ll set you straight.

If you feel that someone has been disrespectful, come to me about it first and I’ll deal with it. It won’t be tolerated.

The Tenax Ride is free from sexism, racism, bike snobbery and all other forms of disrespect.