Note: The Tenax Ride Collective is a casual group ride. We accept no liability for any consequence of attending the ride although we’ll take credit for your big smile and healthy body.

Riders are very strongly encouraged to become members of Bicycle Network, Cycling Australia or some other cycling body to take advantage of the insurance included in the membership, for the protection of yourselves and other riders. Note that this kind of insurance is for your bodies, not your bikes! Bike insurance is a different matter entirely.

Disclaimer: This information is presented ‘as is’ and is not presented as insurance, financial or legal advice.  This information is offered as an overview and is not a complete list of policy coverage, terms, conditions or exclusions.  Ensure you read the Insurers Product Disclosure Statement, discuss the policy with the relevant insurance company and make decisions based upon your own individual circumstances.  Insurance cover is subject to the Terms & Conditions of the insurance policy.  Insurance Policies are renewed periodically and subject to change at any time without notice.