About Tenax Ride

The Tenax Ride Collective is Australia’s friendliest cycling group.

We mostly ride our road bikes on Beach Road and other key road cycling destinations around Melbourne. Our rides have steady, set speeds, a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and a focus on teamwork. The emphasis is on fun, socially athletic riding that allows people to extend their skills and fitness in a friendly and supportive environment. All are welcome.

Our rides are organised into defined speed groups to cater for all levels of rider, but they start and finishes in the same place so that friends can come together, ride at their own level and then regroup afterwards for a coffee.

The standard speed groups are 22 kilometres per hour average, 25 kph, 28 kph, 30 kph, 32 kph and ‘hammer’. Groups may or may not exist on the day depending on who’s riding on the day. Apart from the ‘hammer’ group, all speed groups must aim for their set average speed, although the speed at each point may be higher or lower depending on conditions such as wind. All riders are encouraged to have a speedo on their bike.

Our primary ride leaves cafe Priscilla Jones, which is at the Gasworks Park (21 Graham St, Albert Park) at 7.30 every second Saturday morning. We call this the Integer Ride.

The Integer ride goes the length of Beach Road (turning around at Mordialloc, except for the 22 kph group which turns at the Beaumaris), then back to Priscilla Jones for breakfast, coffee and a catch up afterwards. The total distance is about 55 kilometres (except for the 22 kph group which does just under 40 kms).

We also run other rides in the ‘off’ weekends. We’ll often head to Mount Eliza for a longer ride or Kinglake for a taste of the hills. We also run some off road events and attend events such as the Around the Bay.

We have a ride or event most weeks, so the next event isn’t far away. Check out our Facebook Group for the most up to date info.

Our founding president, Alexander Hender a.k.a. El Presidente, has passed the baton to a new generation of leaders, which inspired the name change from the Tenax Ride Group to the Tenax Ride Collective. As a collective and largely self-managed ride, each rider is expected to take responsibility for themselves, while looking to ride organisers and speed group leaders for the direction, support and the enthusiasm that has made the Tenax Ride so popular!

Note: The Tenax Ride Collective is a casual group ride. We accept no liability for any consequence of attending the ride although we’ll take credit for your big smile and healthy body.

Riders are very strongly encouraged to become members of Bicycle Network, Cycling Australia or some other cycling body to take advantage of the insurance included in the membership, for the protection of yourselves and other riders.